A rock musical shall of course be performed as a rock band and the music from Jesus Christ Superstar is here performed by the classic/prog rock band Astrakhan featuring members from Pain of Salvation, Royal Hunt, House of Shakira etc. A live album should also give you the feeling of being one in the audience on a magical night – and this album is everything of the above.

We got the idea to these concerts after we played Gethsemane as an encore since we started to play live as band in 2014. On our way home from a small tour in Finland during 2017 we started to talk about the possibilities to play more songs from JCS and how the songs could be arranged and performed as a rock band. We love the music from JCS and once we started to discuss it we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads. It was a perfect project for us to do after releasing two albums with original music.

On this rare and unique live recording you’ll get to experience the sound of Swedens two best singers – Alexander Lycke as Jesus and Mats Levén as Judas performing together. The story of Jesus Christ Superstar is a story of love, passion and death and no other band is better suited than Astrakhan to perform these songs and fill the music with these elements – their cinematic sound makes the songs come alive and enhance the dramatic story!
Fully staged productions of JCS are their own thing, but when it comes to concert editions, this was as good as it gets. It’s like the music was meant to be played like this, with a small band and a loud volume. It was mesmerising(

I appreciate that Astrakhan has drawn even more stylistic guidelines then Webbers original because it actually adds value to the music(Österbottens newspaper).

The only thing that makes me stay in my seat is my respect for the attendances that are sitting behind me in the concert hall – I’m in euphoria!!!(mail from the audience).

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