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Jan 23, 2015

Cynicism – A hybrid bastard of musical insanity. Just one thing is for sure: every new song is another challenge. Not only for the creator itself but for the open-minded listener as well.

Take your step into the manic world of Cynicism and enjoy a compact package of brutal riffs, blasting drums, weird vocals and mind-fizzling electronic elements.

This project is destined to advance without any musical restriction. But the heart of Cynicism is pounding in a Metal way.

Download “Cynicism-InhalingThePoison” Cynicism-InhalingThePoison.mp3 – 845-mal heruntergeladen – 6 MB

Download “Cynicism-IntoTheDepthsOfAnUnknownHell” Cynicism-IntoTheDepthsOfAnUnknownHell.mp3 – 821-mal heruntergeladen – 5 MB

Download “Cynicism-ProcreatingNightmares” Cynicism-ProcreatingNightmares.mp3 – 810-mal heruntergeladen – 2 MB

Download “Cynicism-RavenousBlood” Cynicism-RavenousBlood.mp3 – 989-mal heruntergeladen – 5 MB


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