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Danish visual indiepop-project Linebug explores our expectations of love with new single “In Your Dream” (11.15.19)

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With airy vocals, hand drawn animations and indie-pop melodies, the new Danish duo Linebug builds up a distinct audio/visual universe. The duo consists of the singer and songwriter Line Bøgh and the digital artist Christian
Gundtoft. On November 15th , LINEBUG releases the second single “In Your Dream” which tells a story about our expectations of romantic relationships, and how we can’t cope with reality in our search for „the perfect partner”.

“The song is about a guy who paints romantic and unrealistic pictures of the woman in his life,” Line says about the song. The video takes place in a studio full of paintings of women. The women seem to be „frozen“ inside the paintings, but they watch with great interest as the new girlfriend (Line) walks into the room

Hand drawn animation and nostalgia:
The visual design and story is inspired by the music videos of the 80’s and 90’s and it took about 2000 hand drawn frames to create the animation for “In Your Dream”. These were all done by Christian Gundtoft who also directed the movie: “I grew up with the music videos from the 80’s and 90’s and I still love the breezy and good spirited vibe from those decades,” he explains. All actors and animation models are people from the artist collective “Surrogaten” near Copenhagen, where Line and Christian have been working since 2017.


Cinematic concerts
Besides from working together on music and videos, Linebug has also developed an atmospheric live show, where drawings and animations are projected onto the stage and Line becomes „part of the piece“. The songs‘ stories are being told through Christian’s visual universe, and the mixture of music and drawings create a captivating form of storytelling.
The duo goes on tour again in February, and plays 20 shows in Germany and Denmark. Watch Linebug live from Sofar

On Linebug live “It was a fascinating and intense storytelling experience which gave a very close connection
to the lyrics” – Sofar Sounds “Half music, half work of art” – Lost At E Minor “They integrated the visuals in the concerts so that the audience will not only listen to Line’s lyrics but also dive into the stories by looking at the visuals at the same time” – Good – Because Danish


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