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Jan 23, 2015

In 1989 the band was founded by Martin M?ller (Guitars), Heiko Schach (Guitars) and Andreas M?ller (Bass) playing only cover tunes. As for the musical background they played cuts from Metallica, Iron Maiden, Savatage, Vicious Rumors, OZZY, Slayer and many more.

After a few years of rehearsal and line-up changes, DEMENTIA recorded a 6-song demo tape entitled ?Abiosis? in 1994 with Stephan Nowotny (Vocals) and former Drummer Daniel Duffner. This tape was very soon sold out and was highly respected in the press around the world describing the music as a cross between In Flames, Dark Tranquility and Amorphis.

Planned as a second demo recording, two years later ?Blackstone? was released as a 9 track CD. This was a huge step forward, combining various styles in Metal to one outstanding mix, though the roots were still swedish melodic Death Metal. As an homage to the classic metal style background, they put a cover version of ?Master of the Sun? by the canadian Cult Metal Outfit SACRED BLADE on the CD.

Even more as the ?Abiosis? output, ?Blackstone? gained great review all over the world for example 9/10 point by Rock Hard magazine. Lyrically the band tried for the first time to interpret a novel musically. As a result, the epic title track is an interpretation of George R.R. Martins? novel ?Masquerade?, a werewolf plot. ?Blackstone? is by now totally sold out.

In an attempt to reach an even higher level both lyrically and musically the band began to write a concept album.

Based on the fantasy novel ?The Elfstones of Shannara? by Terry Brooks the next CD was entitled ?The Elfstones Chronicles? and was released with the new band members J?rg Rupp (Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals) and Gerry Mayerhofer (Drums) after years of hard work in 1999. Musically the band got more mature by combining even more styles of Metal into the songs. Now the music can be described as a mixture of melodic Death Metal, Power/Speed/Thrash- and Progressive Metal with an epic and atmospheric touch.

This 70 minutes long epic tale is still available and comes with huge booklet and fine artworks.

Next to this release the band wanted to go back to the roots by releasing their own vinyl. Together with Death Metal band mates FALLEN YGGDRASIL, they released a split single. DEMENTIA put in the since then unreleased cut ?The Whitechapel Horror? based on tales of Jack the Ripper. This track shows DEMENTIA on a very high technical level.

In the meantime, DEMENTIA planned to record a cover song vinyl release, featuring songs by US Cult Metal acts such as COVEN, SAVAGE GRACE, HEATHENS RAGE, GRAVEN IMAGE, OVERLORDE or SALEM?S WYCH. Unfortunately lack of time kept this project unfinished.

After some years of further development the band started writing new songs. Eventually in 2004 the first totally self produced CD entitled ?NINA? is available, featuring a new band member Stefan Brunn (Keyboards).

The rather childish-sounding CD title is a hint, that again a novel is part of the lyrical concept of this 3rd CD by the band. This time, the mystery thriller ?Sole Survivor? by Dean Koontz was musically set up in a trilogy.

Never before the band played on such a high level, meaning not only the ever highly acclaimed guitar work but also the song writing. More than before other genres, even far from Metal got part of DEMENTIAs? music. This time you can also listen to parts of Jazz and Fusion music now and then. Nonetheless it is still some kind of melodic Death Metal but not of the ordinary kind. Many influences of Progressive Rock got involved in the songwriting, so as a result a very multifaceted CD was created. Away from the fantasy-stylish 2nd CD at present DEMENTIA sounds more spacey with ?NINA?.

More aggressive and at the same time more atmospheric and symphonic than ever the sound of the band got into a style where CYNIC meets AYREON, KANSAS meets IRON MAIDEN, MARILLION meets OPETH, DREAM THEATER meets SEPTIC FLESH and DARK TRANQUILITY meets FORBIDDEN.

Download “Cyberdeath” 001_DEMENTIA-Cyberdeath.mp3 – 1225-mal heruntergeladen – 5 MB


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