• Sa. Jun 19th, 2021

Ella Blame


Jan 24, 2015

Ella Blame’s music has the intensity of twilight: deep, dark and luminous.

Ella is collaborating with several electronic musicians and multi-instrumentalists from around the world (USA, Canada, Japan, India, and Germany), especially Michael D. Temple and Shinji Imai a.k.a. ?mode complex?. Together, they create partially revolutionary music of genres Ethereal/Ambient, Symphonic Outer Space Music, and Psychedelic Pop.

Download “How Things Have Changed” Ella_Blame-How_Things_Have_Changed.mp3 – 866-mal heruntergeladen – 6 MB

Download “Last View” Ella_Blame-Last_View.mp3 – 912-mal heruntergeladen – 4 MB


Blogger seit 2001, ich betreibe einige Musikseiten und diese hier ist mein kleines Baby. Alle Musiknews werden von Agenturen verfasst und am Ende der Pressemitteilung namentlich erw?hnt.

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