Ill Slim Collin
Ill Slim Collin
Ill Slim Collin

Ill Slim Collin is the Music Producer concerning finest Soul shaped Westcoast Hip Hop.

He has worked with artists such as Butch Cassidy, Big Doty (Hustle Boyz/DPG)
Slip Capone, BigProdeje (South Central Cartel), L-Boy (Hoo Bangin),
Tha Ghostdawg (Steel Banging Musick), Silent Loc, Philthy Rich,
and YGD Top Dogg (formerly Death Row Records) just to name a few…Oliver Sascha Huehn (born Juli 28, 1977), better known by his stage name Ill Slim Collin,
is an German descent G-Funk Music Producer, Composer, Engineer,
and the initial founder of the brands Peak Value Music and Zyploc Wear.

Collin was born on Juli 28, 1977 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Already as a child, he became attentive on his love and passion for music,
and the fact that he perceived this much more intensly than other children at his age.
As a teenager, Slim frequently ran into trouble with the law.
He got into hip hop in the late 80’s, after a friend gave him some
imported records, including legendary artist such as Ice-T, 2 Live Crew and N.W.A.
After finshing highschool with bad grades, he hopelessly started an apprenticeship
which he had lost later on. He found himself in a lot of legal issues…
Starting of rappin‘, he quickly developed his gift of producing music.
Ill Slim is chiefly inspired by producers like Dj Quik, Barry White, QD III, Warren G, Chilly Chill,
Daz Dillinger, Mike Mosley, Johnny J, Fredwreck and also DJ Muggs.
The productions of Ill Slim Collin leave everybody thats openminded,
a lasting impression of serious music, with all the dirt of the streets included.
This may be why, or exactly is, why it shines..
Scarred by life, dragged by the dirt of the streets. – Grime Funk!

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