Don Turi - Recharging

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First single of an EP, coming at the end of September, Recharging gives a taste of what’s next for Don Turi. Resolutely techno, the track harks back to the first raves of the 1990s.

With its heavy upfront beat, ethereal break and frenetic loops reminiscent of the TB-303’s heyday (a synth revered by the techno community), all the ingredients are there.

Intense and almost mystical, Recharging sounds like the soundtrack to a warehouse party where bodies sweat and minds expand.

Welcome to a land of acid and trance, as dark and blazing as the first free parties…

Making music from a very young age, Emiliano Turi decided to create his techno project Don Turi in 2018, with a first single Not Ton released in February 2019 on the German label Get Physical (founded by MANDY, TDJ and Booka Shade). Live dates were to follow, Emiliano’s first solo stage experience.

A few months later, he produced a remix for Marc Houle, then while in confinement in 2020, remotely cooperated with ten producers for a project dubbed The Two. The collaborative result also included contributions from Apollo Noir, Molecule, Calling Marian, Fabrizio Rat, Macadam Crocodile, Society of Silence, VIKKEN, Rebeka Warrior, Maestro and Sara Zinger.
The project also gave birth to a track featuring Silly Boy Blue.

Six months later, Don Turi revealed his second EP: 54 Steps, which received a warm reception from the media, with the ‘Côté Club’ show on national radio station France Inter, music magazine Tsugi and hip website Brain all supporting and giving it exposure.

In 2021, Turi wrote the track “Connection Lost” with vocals from La Chica. The single was released on Kitsuné Musique, sporting a remix by Yuksek.

And now, it is on Citizen Records, the label founded by Vitalic, that Don Turi returns with more of an acid techno lean, as shown by a first single this summer, followed by an EP before the autumn.
It’s time to relive (or discover) the almost mystical atmosphere of the first big electronic gatherings of the 1990s, time to close your eyes and raise your hands.

Citizen Records

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