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Feb 3, 2015


If I had to answer the request: „Tell me about 3 bands that have impressed you“, I would talk about the Beatles, Police, Nirvana. I love good brit pop tunes, and the energy of american bands. I think our music is somewhere between both influences.


Stonewash is a challenge for me, because most of my favourite bands are trios, like Police, Rush or Uzeb as well, and these bands have a very big sound. Concerning lead guitarists, my influences are Gary Moore, Mike Stern and Robben Ford.


I listen to very different kinds of music from Led Zep to Sixun, including afro-cuban music. The most important things for me are energy and creativity.

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Blogger seit 2001, ich betreibe einige Musikseiten und diese hier ist mein kleines Baby. Alle Musiknews werden von Agenturen verfasst und am Ende der Pressemitteilung namentlich erw?hnt.

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