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Sweet William


Feb 3, 2015

Sweet William formed in 2001 when Dock Oscar slowly began adding musicians to his solo act. A hillbilly at heart, Dock’s original line-up included acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and percussion. In 2003 Sweet William released Gone to Seed , a full-length CD of dark mountain music.

Like most bands, Sweet William imploded shortly after the CD was released. Undeterred, Dock Oscar reformed Sweet William into an alt-country, honky-tonk band complete with weeping pedal steel, haunting harmonies and the current line-up of the finest country musicians in New York City.

Sweet William plays extensively in NYC area nightclubs and music festivals. Recently they were featured on the WKCR 89.9 Moonshine Show, hosted by Matt Winters, where they performed a live set and interview.

Currently, Sweet William is mixing and mastering a CD for release in winter/spring of 2006. Check out the mp3 page for samples.

Download “01_the_wait.mp3” 01_the_wait.mp3 – 1163-mal heruntergeladen – 1 MB

Download “nowhere.mp3” nowhere.mp3 – 1003-mal heruntergeladen – 821 kB

Download “waydown.mp3” waydown.mp3 – 1276-mal heruntergeladen – 1 MB


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